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Welcome to Dilli Parichay (Introduction of Delhi). Most of you would be wondering why Dilli instead of Delhi and most of people will not be familiar with the history of the capital of India.  We have tried hard to capture the maximum information about the history of Delhi and trying to let the world know about it.

Within India or Delhi people are not aware about the existence of Delhi and how Delhi became the capital of India. What all Dilli or Delhi has seen in so many years, what are the historical names of Delhi, How many kings have ruled the present Delhi,  what all has been changed since then and what all is being planned to change in future. We certainly don’t know about the future but can always plan it after taking advantages of past.

Here we will basically answer the above questions which will help everyone to know about our Dilli or so called Delhi. We have taken the help of Archeological Survey of India, Wikipedia and other sources to capture the maximum we can. It will help the student, general public and the tourists from abroad who wants to visit Delhi for its beauty and culture but are not aware of its history and after knowing it may want to explore it further.

We have tried our best to get the old pictures of the historical monuments and map of old time to let all of you know that how the size of Delhi has been increased since its existence.

There might be something which is left out due to human error and if you have more information and would like to share with us and the world, it will be a great help to the nation and we will publish it with your name on the website. We call the individual who has the pictures, maps or anything which will be useful for public to view or read it, and they are interested in getting published by sharing with us, will be a great help.

We do need your opinion and comments about this website which will encourage us to do better in future. You can send us a mail or comment on blog which is attached to the site.

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